Automotive Refinishing Solutions for Errors

Each of us makes mistakes – Small or Large, and its completely normal. The point is that these errors must be forged into an experience, which will allow us to not make the same mistake again.

Every Automotive sprayer will sooner or later ask himself the question; WHY do coating faults sometimes occur?

  • Despite observing the manufacturers recommendations
  • Correctly preparing a sound substrate
  • Applying the product with suitable equipment


Finding the cause of the error is difficult for several reasons. One is the complexity of the varnishing process: it comprises of several technological operations in which procedures should be followed strictly.

It is of great importance that for the proper implementation of the process is the working conditions in the varnishing workshop, such as the temperature of the air, the varnished elements and the product itself, as well as the quality of the compressed air etc.. which do not always meet the required standards.

Further errors can result from an incorrect mixing ratio, a lack of compatibility with the products, or generally from poor quality varnish products.


Throughout the puzzle that is the varnishing process, all its elements must be exactly matched. For an Automotive painter learning from mistakes is often long, complicated and very expensive.

More so as for every mistake the painter pays at least three times: Firstly,

  1. Doing the Repair
  2. Correcting the Error at his own expense
  3. Losing time on the Patches instead of Repairing another element.

Not to mention the opinion of the work and loss of reputation built over a few years, and which you can lose after a few erroneous repairs.


This Refinishing Solutions for Errors with Paint Defects has been made to help a painter to identify the defect on the basis of photographs or its description, and then to recognise the likely causes and find methods of prevention, and finally, how to repair it. We sincerely hope that the analysis of the causes of coating failures will reduce their frequency in the future, which will be of mutual benefit for both the painter and his customers.


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